What is the best way for Kids to avoid Germs?

Posted on Feb 27 2016 - 10:16pm by admin

It is essential to teach kids healthy and hygienic habits so that they can avoid complications that might arise from the spread of germs. Children can very easily pick up germs in school and when they are at play. With a little practice and help from parents and adults, kids can learn simple ways to avoid the spread of germs.

Be an Example to Children

The best way to teach children anything is to show them by example. When you wash hands often and kids see you do this, they will want to do the same. There are many opportunities to wash your hand every day. You can wash hands before you sit at the dinner table to eat. When you get home from a long day, you can wash hands and explain to you children why you are doing so. Anytime you or the children sneeze or cough, it is an opportunity to wash hands. These habits accompanied by explanations will help children catch on and also help keep the germs away.

Use Effects to Teach Children

Children love effects and they learn from such effects. Songs, for example are a great way to get kids to do anything. Most kids don’t know how to wash their hands well. They will place their hands under the water for a few seconds and immediately remove the hand believing that they have washed properly. This never gets rid of any germs. If you introduce a fun element during the time they wash their hands, they will do it for longer and will help keep germs away. A song can help kids focus on the act of washing their hands. Choose a song that that kids love and make sure you teach them to wash while singing. With time, your children will get into the habit of singing while scrubbing and washing their hand.

Make Kids have Fun

Germs are easily spread when kids cough or sneeze into the air. This makes it very easy for gems to spread. To teach kids how to cough or sneeze while keeping the germs away, introduce a game that they can play anytime they cough. You can get them to “trap” the germs into their handkerchiefs or even get them to cough or sneeze while covering their faces. Every time they cough or sneeze, remind them to play the game and they will make a habit out of it.

Make It Cool to Avoid Germs

Hand to hand contact is one of the easiest ways for germs to spread. Kids love to make high fives when playing and this can help germs spread easily. You can make it cool to avoid the spread of germs through hand contact by introducing a unique way of greeting during play that kids will love.

Teach Kids to Avoid other Sick Kids

Kids are very innocent and they might never know when other kids are sick or if they should avoid these sick kids. When other kids have a runny nose or are coughing constantly, your kids ought to keep their distance. You can use visual aids to teach kids how germs are spread through coughing and sneezing. For example, a spray bottle filled with water can provide a great illustration of how germs spread. Teach kids that while it is normal for people to cough or sneeze, these actions spread germs and can cause sickness and it is best if they avoid the spread.

Other ways to help kids avoid germs is to make them share food without spreading germs. For example if they are having fruits, instead of biting the fruit and passing the fruit along to other kids, they can slice the fruit and each can have their own piece. Every time you see kids do something to help avoid the spread of germs, give them a pat on the back for this behavior and this will have a positive effect on them.

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