Home Remedies For Summertime Sniffles

Posted on Jun 24 2015 - 6:28am by admin

feverGerms Be Gone: Home Remedies for Summertime Sniffles, Coughs, Fevers & Allergens
Mucus build-up, sore throat, itchy skin, oh my! Sure it’s summer, but germs don’t go on vacation. Warm weather and humid conditions may in fact stimulate the growth of germs and spread of contagions. Not to mention, children are outdoors for prolonged periods of time and exposed to a lot of other people—two factors placing them at a greater risk for catching illnesses. If your child is suffering from a summertime ailment, turn to these four home remedies for a speedy recovery.
1. Plunge Kids into an Oatmeal Bath. The neutralizing properties of oatmeal will help soothe the itching of irritated skin and rashes. Oatmeal is often used as a therapy for skin conditions, treating everything from itchiness and dryness to chicken pox and joint pain. Go the extra step and grind oatmeal into fine granular flakes or fill a sock with oatmeal and tie the ends for a slow-release effect. Both of these techniques will also help prevent clogged drains and other plumbing issues.
2. Lather Vick’s VapoRub on Feet. Really, you can use Vicks VapoRub on any part of the body. But as parents, we all know how fidgety little ones can be, particularly when you place an ointment on their skin. By rubbing Vicks VapoRub onto the feet, covering them in socks and tucking your kiddo into bed, you can rest assured the ointment will stay in place and evaporate into the skin rather than rubbing off on the sheets. However, keep in mind Vicks Vaporub is unsafe for children under two years of age.
3. Make Sure Kids Know Their A, B, C’s and D’s. Kids can stay a step ahead of contagious viruses by prepping their body to combat germs during the very first signs of a cold. Here’s how: Vitamin A boosts the immune system; Vitamin B aids metabolism and healthy circulation; Vitamin C promotes healthy muscles and connective tissue; and Vitamin D supports calcium absorption. These four core vitamins are highly recommended for growing kids. It’s all about being proactive—not reactive—when it comes to battling germs!
4. Herbal Stomach Aids are all the Rage. If your little one is frequently running to the bathroom, experiencing stomach cramps or has caught a stomach flu bug, natural herbs (like mint and ginger) can help their body flush out contaminants—no pun intended! Experts cite that ginger may actually strengthen muscles surrounding the intestines, helping the stomach move food more easily through the digestive tract. Ginger and mint have long been utilized to reduce nausea, as they disrupt serotonin receptors, cutting off signals to the brain (and the urge to vomit).

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