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Posted on Jun 21 2015 - 7:08am by admin


Up, Up, and Away: Don’t Let Airplane Germs Crash Your Vacation!

Families gearing up for summertime vacations mean full flights and airplane germs are at an all-time high. Don’t let your vacation start off with infectious germs wreaking havoc on your family! Protect you and your children by following these four simple tips:


Disinfect to Protect. It’s no surprise tray tables carry the highest level of germs, as passengers eat, sleep and lean all over them. Meanwhile, airplane seatbelt buckles are the second most infected part on the plane. Carry disinfectant wipes and be sure to thoroughly disinfect tray tables, arm rests, and seat buckles to avoid picking up germs and spreading them to the rest of your body—especially orifices like eyes, nostrils, ears and mouth.


Stay Hydrated. This tip may not be as obvious, but drinking plenty of water will help you fight off common colds while traveling. Low levels of humidity and confined air lead to dried sinuses: the perfect conditions for germs to attack. Additionally, drinking water will combat the dehydrating effects of air travel, such as nausea, headaches, sinus issues, and fatigue. Sipping water regularly will moisten mucus membranes and aide in keeping your body’s natural defenses in tip top shape to fight germs mid-flight.


Avoid the Seat Pocket. Your natural tendency to store snacks, toys, reading materials and the like in the back seat pocket drastically increases your families’ likelihood of catching a contagious virus.  Seat pockets are a breeding ground for germs, as passengers leave behind crumbs, wrappers, tissues, napkins—the works! Not to mention, seat pockets aren’t regularly sanitized between flights due to time constraints. What to do? Store your personal items in a carryon bag beneath the seat for convenient retrieval.  Avoid the seat pocket at all costs!


Pack Smart, Think Ahead. When traveling with children, pack smart! Carry on plastic books and toys that can be sanitized, rather than furry stuffed animals and fabric-based items. After all, you don’t want your child’s favorite teddy bear lounging around the cabin collecting germs in its fur. Bring your own pillow or neck rest to avoid hair contact with seats and leave shoes on in-flight to further decrease contact with germs. Thinking ahead and packing essential items will aide in your quest to keep germ-free and healthy!

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