Summer Camp Contagion

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Summchildrener Camp Contagion

Summer camp contagion: Sound like the title of a recent horror movie? It is actually what’s lurking around your child’s favorite summer camp. A breeding ground for festering germs stimulated by the sweltering heat, high levels of moisture (think swimming pools) and constant interaction among, well let’s face it, germy kids!

Whether they have a virus or just haven’t quite mastered proper hand-washing techniques, fellow campers will unknowingly pass their germs on to your little one. What should your child know prior to heading out to camp?

First and foremost, hand washing with soap is still the best prevention from both contracting and passing on germs. Make sure your child knows proper hand-washing techniques and frequently washes hands following these activities: 1. trips to the bathroom; 2. playing in the dirt/sand; 3. hanging outside with animals; and 4. sharing toys with friends.

Once your child is aware of germs and where they like to live, you can teach your child how to protect himself/herself and behave in a way that limits his/her role in passing on germs. Teach your child proper etiquette when it comes to bodily functions: cover up sneezes, cough into the arm, etc.

Finally, make hygiene and germ awareness a fun, family-wide goal. After all, these are life skills kids will need to carry along with them into adulthood. Staying healthy is a rewarding experience, and promoting daily habits to do so empowers your child to succeed and take responsibility for his/her physical well-being.


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